Britain Soccer AFC Wimledon's Climb

FILE – This is a Tuesday Feb. 4, 1997 file photo of Wmbledon’s Vinnie Jones, right, as he challenges Manchester United’s Eric Cantona, during the Wimbledon v Manchester United English third round FA cup replay in Selhurst Park, London. Forget tennis. Anyone for football in Wimbledon? AFC Wimbledon, a fan-owned football team formed nearly a decade ago after its predecessor Wimbledon FC in the southwest London suburb picked up and left town, is on the verge of becoming one of England’s 92 full-time professional football league clubs. AFC Wimbledon was only formed in 2002 after a committee appointed by England’s Football Association granted permission to Wimbledon FC to relocate to the town of Milton Keynes, nearly 100 kilometers (60 miles) away. (AP Photo/Max Nash, File)

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